Actor Applications


We are always seeking to develop and add to the very exciting roster of talent at WGM Talent management. Our philosophy on actor recruitment, is that we do not focus so much on where an actor has trained, or which drama school they have attended, instead we focus on the pure talent and if we can help develop that talent into a working actor.

As part of our blueprint for success, we feel it imperative to keep our book small in regards to numbers, this way it allows us to pay absolute attention to each actor on the book, and furthermore develop a relationship which allows us to get to know the actors wants, needs, goals, and more importantly to implement the achievement of these.

Having something unique is absolutely vital to be added to our book, we do not accept clones, the reason being is we do not want you competing in your own agency before competing against the external competition. When evaluating if someone is right for our book, we have to be captivated into the sense of cinematic realism through their performance. The other component we look for in a potential candidate for our book is the right attitude, this is vital. With any actor on our book we develop a professional relationship, so we need to evaluate if you have the right mind set to be a representative of our company.

What we look for at the end of the day is just based on a subjective opinion which is often hard to define, so we have added three little clips of cinematic brilliance to give you an idea of what we find quite simply wonderful.

If you would like to apply to be part of our actor management section, we would encourage you to send your CV, Headshot and Showreel (if you do not have a showreel, we welcome you to record a two minute monologue via your mobile phone, and attach it to the email). Once done, please send it over to along with your contact details and anything else we may find useful including your Spotlight Pin.

We really do prefer any showreel footage that is sent to be sent via: Youtube, Vimeo or Spotlight.

Finally, whilst we really do appreciate every application and consider it thoroughly, if you haven't heard back from us within ten days of your application, then please consider it as unsuccessful. If we decide the time isn't quite right to represent you, this does not mean that you are a bad actor. We like to keep our numbers relatively small so we can pay every ounce of attention to the talent that we look after.

Thank you for stopping by to check us out!

WGM Talent Team