About us:

WGM Talent Agency represents actors and creatives both UK and Internationally based whilst operating from the heart of Manchester. Priding ourselves on our ability to help construct and develop an actor’s career, whether it be a starting out graduate or an established actor, our company celebrates its warm and effective management service that help actors meet their goals within this wonderful industry.

Fuelled on copious amounts of Starbucks, we have created a vibrant energy as a company that is reflected in our creative approach to the work we do. There is a buzz about our office, that produces a driven mentality to achieve our goals with a can-do attitude which gives us great belief in that anything is possible. We spend plenty of attention and time devoted to perfecting the product, as we feel like any product that is marketing, it needs to be perfect. We believe that with any actor we decide to work with, it’s a two way relationship that is built upon trust and a good working attitude. Our management service is an extremely warm and honest one, to which we encourage the talent on our book to get in touch no matter what the time of day, every thought is an important one, and we are always on hand to help deliver any tasks sent our way.

Our vision as a business has been to form our company and its business model based on our fresh, youthful outlook that captures not only the contemporary, but can also predict future trends within the market. This separates us from our competitors, as we see our youthful direction and experienced ownership as an opportunity to stand out from our competitors. This industry doesn’t have to be adhered to with any black and white rules, its ours to create within. In addition to the talent of an actor, we feel it imperative as a talent agency we make the most of technology that is on hand to the modern day actor, and structure building an actor’s career based on a technological platform.

Our ethos is that we feel there is always work for a talented actor out there. The way we see it, if as a talented actor, you sat down and had a meeting with every casting director in the country today, you would almost certainly have an audition/job out of it.

Having worked on Oscar winning productions such as 'The Kings Speech', BAFTA award winning projects such as 'This is England', some of world's best known advertising campaigns for 'Nivea', 'Nike' and 'Cadburys', alongside well known dramas such as 'Hollyoaks' and 'Coronation Street', we have gained invaluable experience that has led to us become a highly respective agency within the industry.